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by | Nov 18, 2022

My aim is to help small businesses succeed. So I have listed some essential design tips you can follow to help you make your posts pop.

Creating your own content and just winging it? Even with a Canva template, you can easily F it up.

Creating a look for your Instagram doesn’t have to be complicated. Although design involves so much more than this, for busy small businesses, it’s best to keep it simple.

Following are simple tips to help you create eye-catching posts.


Don’t use more than 2-3 font styles

  • Communicate successfully with the correct hierarchy
  • Speak to your dream client
  • Never use a script font all in caps
  • Use margins & alignment
  • Check spelling & grammar


  • Follow your brand style guide
  • Appropriate content
  • Captivating subject
    NOTE: if the image is busy, use minimal but bold text and add block colour behind the text, if needed.


  • Follow your brand style guide
  • Be clear, consistent & authentic
  • Ensure readability
  • Consider balance & space
  • Don’t overcomplicate it





Types of Posts / Content Pillars

To keep your profile interesting include the following:

♥  Personal – Open up and share an experience that your ideal client will relate to.

♥  Educational – Share a quick easy tip to help your client (like this one).

♥  Promotional – You’re here to grow your business, so promote your services and any special deals you may have.

♥  Fun – Don’t forget to have fun, and show a little of yourself, it will help you connect with your client.

Post Strategy

You may not enjoy social media (shock horror, what is this nonsense lol) or you may not have time and are trying to do it all yourself. However, try and do the following to keep your presence out there.

♥ Daily – 1 Story (keep this either fun, about you, or maybe a promo for a new service or sale) Remember, stories only last a day and then disappear, but have a great reach.

♥ Weekly – 2 Posts, 1 Reel – don’t forget to respond to legit messages (be aware of scammers).

♥ Monthly – Check analytics to see how your posts are going and what times your audience are online.


Ensure your profile category is set to ‘entrepreneur’ so you can utilise all the trending music.

For more planning and tips download my freebie – Social Media Content Planner via the link below


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Free resources to help you manage your business design needs.

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