A stunning rebrand for an established business

Agility Business

Agility Business Rebrand Social Media



Project Brief

I recently collaborated with Wild at Heart Social to refresh the branding for an existing business and provide branded social media templates for the agency to use for the clients social media management.

The deliverables included:

    • A logo & brand colours refresh
    • Overall brand alignment
    • Social media templates to ensure brand consistency
    • Website update
Concept Development

Our design development carefully preserved the existing brand’s unique identity and character while introducing a modern, professional look. We focused on maintaining the brand’s essential values and personality, ensuring these core aspects remained intact. By incorporating contemporary design elements and updating the visual style, we created a cohesive and polished image that respected the original brand’s image while resonating with current trends.


The client was thrilled with the results. Her brand, while staying true to its roots, now feels fresh and appealing to today’s audience. This approach not only enhanced the brand’s overall aesthetic but also strengthened its connection with its target market. By revitalising the visual elements and aligning them with contemporary trends, we ensured the brand remains relevant and engaging, ultimately fostering a deeper connection with both existing and new customers.

Out in the wild

Agility Business Logo Refresh
Agility Business Branding  Website
Agility Business Branding Cap

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